What is Noise Aversion or Noise Anxiety?

Have you ever wondered if your pet suffers from anxiety that is related to noise like fireworks, thunderstorms or even just loud noises?  This is called noise aversion and it is a real problem for many pets.

4th of July puppy and kitten no anxiety

Since Fourth of July is fast approaching, this is a wonderful time to talk about noise aversion and the anxiety that our furry friends experience.  For many people Fourth of July means fun in the sun, cookouts and fireworks.  For the rest of us it means hunkering down with our dogs, inside, dreading nightfall and the noise of fireworks going off in our neighborhoods.  If you have a dog that has noise aversion or anxiety, you fit right into the second group of people.  Unfortunately, this can be a miserable time for your pet and you.  Many pets suffer with this type of anxiety during thunderstorms or when loud noises are present.

Lets talk about dogs first

Noise aversion can manifest itself in many forms.  A dog with this issue can experience slight anxiety or can be terrified, and may pace, bark, tremble or hide.  If your dog does any of these things we have some good news for you.  Your dog doesn’t have to suffer with noise aversion anymore.  We have a multitude of products and medication available that may help your canine friend relax so that you can actually enjoy July 4th.

We recommend our tried and true products like Composure Treats and prescription medications but we also have a new medication called Sileo.  If you have not heard of Sileo, it is a medicated gel that goes between the cheek and gum in your dog’s mouth and should help reduce noise related anxiety.  It is the first and only FDA-approved treatment for canine noise aversion caused by events such as fireworks, thunder, construction noise and traffic noise. It calms without sedating — so your dog can interact and enjoy time with your family.  Administration can be a little tricky so make sure that one of our staff members shows you exactly how to work the syringe.  In case you forget, we have attached the video below that walks you through it.  To learn more about Sileo visit the Sileo website.

Have a strategy to conquer noise aversion

When you have an anxious pet it is important to be prepared.  If you have never tried any of these products but feel your dog could benefit from one or more of them, please contact us now so that we can consult with your veterinarian to make a plan for your dog.  It is also important to learn how to use the products at home.  Many people don’t realize that any medication or calming treat designed to help reduce anxiety MUST be given at least 1-2 hours prior to the anxiety causing event or it may not work as well as intended (or at all.)  One medication may not work for every dog so we can custom tailor a prescription regimen just for your dog.

Let’s not forget our feline friends

Cats are typically pretty calm animals but there is also help for cats that suffer from noise related anxiety.  If your cat experiences anxiety that impacts his life from noises like fireworks or thunderstorms we have treats and medication that we can prescribe that should help Kitty too.

Don’t let your pets suffer with anxiety and noise phobia when help is available.  Call us so that we can help! 210-695-4455.

Remember these other important tips for all pets on Fourth of July.

  • Don’t let pets get overheated.
  • Don’t leave your pets outside unattended in order to protect them from becoming a victim of a prank.
  • Keep your pets well contained.  Often times when pets become frightened, they try to escape and hide.  Noises like fireworks create this exact situation, so take extra precautions with your pet’s surroundings.

Don’t wait until July 3rd to call us for your medication.  We try to plan the best we can and have plenty of medication for pets around this holiday but plan ahead and call or email to inquire now in case anything with your pet has changed or you need to see the doctor.

Have a fun and safe holiday from your friends at Hill Country Animal Hospital!