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Wellness Care for Adult Cats

Cats can be the perfect pets. They don’t require walks and can be pretty self-sufficient compared to dogs. However, like dogs, cats do need care and enrichment in their environment in order for them to live happy lives.

One of the keys to a happy cat life is resources. Cats need their own space. They like to be up high where other animals can’t bother them when they sleep or relax. Many cats do not like to share their space either. They need separate areas to eat, sleep, and use the bathroom. Additionally, cats also need an acceptable place to scratch! You can accomplish the sleep and scratch portion of this equation with a cat condo or cat tree.

Make sure that you have plenty of litter boxes in your home, especially if you have multiple cats. A general rule of thumb is one litter box per cat plus one more. Make sure that the location is somewhat private and quiet. Cats typically do not want to use a litter box that is in a high traffic area of the home. It is important not to startle or disturb cats using the litter box, especially in a multi-cat household. If a cat has negative experiences in the litter box, this can lead to litter box issues over time.

Cat Feeding Tips

Cat with Pretty Eyes

Should you free-feed your cat or feed meals? If possible, free-feeding meals can help ensure that your cat maintains a healthy weight. However, free-feeding for some cats can lead to overeating. Feed your cat a balanced diet of high-quality pet food in a cat-friendly location with clean water available at all times.

If you are able to feed your cat with a food puzzle or toy it will provide exercise and mimic his or her hunting behavior. This can provide mental stimulation while your cat feeds. Just make sure that the cat you intend to feed gets the food! For example, if you have a dog or another cat, you may have to monitor the feeding area to make sure that everyone gets the food he or she is supposed to.

The Importance of Cat Dental Care

Brush Cat's Teeth

It is also necessary to consider dental health from a younger age than you might think. Many people wait until their cat has tartar buildup and the teeth look “dirty” before actually getting their cat’s teeth cleaned. This is not the best course of action. We recommend getting a cleaning when your cat’s teeth have minimal tartar so that we can preserve your cat’s dental health longer.

Most people fail to consider what is going on beneath the gum line, where you cannot see with the naked eye. By the time your cat’s teeth look dirty, there might already be severe gum disease that might cause the need for tooth extractions. For this reason, you should get that cleaning done before the teeth look dirty—you might be able to save money and your cat’s teeth! Our recommendation: start early and stay on a regular cleaning schedule.

Trust Our Experts

Cat on Floor

Your cat should visit the veterinarian every year to have an exam, maintain vaccine schedules, and complete lab work. We make it easy for you to schedule an appointment! You can use our online form, our hospital app, schedule through your ePet Health portal, or by calling us at 210-695-4455. We also have a convenient online pharmacy so that you can order your pet’s medication or food from home on a Sunday evening while watching football in your pajamas!


Wellness Care

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From Facebook:

I was very impressed with the welcoming facility and how much Harley was catered to. She never leaves the house but she felt at home in her exam room roaming around and jumping on counters. She even greeted everyone with open arms even though she was in a new place. She as well as her sister will be coming back if the need arises.
Kari W., Helotes, TX
Always have friendly, loving, knowledgeable doctors who spend adequate time with our pets. I love how I can see they actually care for our furry family members. The experience at this office is superb. From being immaculately clean to the care and candor provided by the staff, you have made a lifelong customer. I would easily drive 100 miles to obtain the level of customer service provided by this practice. Well done!
Julie F., San Antonio, TX
I really can't offer any suggestions for improvement. Dr. Rooker is great. No matter what we see or call her for, she is always very knowledgeable as well as very kind. Also, she always follows up with a phone call. This is very much appreciated. Your staff is great. When we walk in the door, we are always greeted by name made to feel that our visit is just as important to them as it is to us. Thank you.
Carolyn B., Rio Medina, TX
Dr. Macias and staff always deliver first class service. I cannot elaborate enough how their team makes you feel like family.