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Boomer's Fund

What Is Boomer's Fund?



You can make a donation in hospital or make an online donation to Make sure to select Hill Country Animal Hospital when making your donation online.

If donating with a check please make checks payable to American Veterinary Medical Foundation and can be mailed to AVMF at 1931 N. Meacham Schaumburg, IL 6013


Hill Country Animal Hospital would like to invite you to learn more about our new charitable fund called Boomer's fund. Boomer's Fund was created to honor the life of one of our patients, Boomer Horn. Boomer's owners, Roy and Debbie Horn had Boomer since he was a puppy and Boomer was a patient at Hill Country Animal Hospital for 8 years. When Boomer passed away Mr. Horn decided to make a donation to help other pet parents who might someday need financial assistance with veterinary care. We thought that was so generous and thoughtful and it was a wonderful catalyst to start a much needed program at our hospital. Thus, Boomer's Fund was born. We asked Mr. Horn to share some stories about his lovable, gentle giant and this is the first of many stories that will help you get to know and love Boomer like we did. If you are able, please contribute to this fund to help us help others.

This is the story of Boomer Horn that Mr. Horn and his family shared with us. Boomer was born January 7th of 2008 to a blue female Great Dane, "It Will Be Me", and a black male Great Dale, Long Black Train". Blue Great Danes are different shades of blue and Boomer ended up being what's called a Steel Blue.

We bought him to surprise my wife, Debbie, and our daughter. We picked her 2 favorites from the internet pictures and watched as the puppies grew. With a little subterfuge we were able to get Debbie to Medina, Texas to choose her dog. (We are serious dog people and we had come to love our son-in-law’s Male Great Dane, “Bruce”, so we weren’t taking this choice to raise another dog lightly.)

Debbie ended up choosing the same male dog that was our favorite and we took him home. The puppy to be, Boomer, was 19 pounds at 6 weeks old and had deep blue eyes and looked like gray velvet. We all debated names for a week and the leading names were Boomer and Sherman. Boomer it was!

Boomer grew to be 200 pounds of lean muscle and was an imposing figure and a big loveable baby. His eyes changed to more of a gray as he became an adult. We decided not to crop his ears. With his ears left long and hanging down friends said they were as big as extra-large pizza slices!

Boomer had 2 serious illnesses in his eight years. With some serious money and a lot of loving we brought him out of the first one. Our neighbors who all helped carry Boomer in and out of the house on an army stretcher said we loved him back to health. Unfortunately we could not win the last fight.

Out of Boomer’s death and thinking about what we had done to keep our dogs healthy came the idea that there are many people that also love their dogs like a member of their family, but don’t have the resources to save them. So, in conjunction with Dr. Peterson and Hill Country Animal Hospital we started Boomer’s Fund. With our donations and others, we can help families save their fur babies.



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This is a very pleasant vet office. Love that you really try hard to make it pleasant & ensure the least amount of stress for the animals. Everything is top notch.
Camie A., San Antonio, TX
I really can't offer any suggestions for improvement. Dr. Rooker is great. No matter what we see or call her for, she is always very knowledgeable as well as very kind. Also, she always follows up with a phone call. This is very much appreciated. Your staff is great. When we walk in the door, we are always greeted by name made to feel that our visit is just as important to them as it is to us. Thank you.
Carolyn B., Rio Medina, TX
I was very impressed with the welcoming facility and how much Harley was catered to. She never leaves the house but she felt at home in her exam room roaming around and jumping on counters. She even greeted everyone with open arms even though she was in a new place. She as well as her sister will be coming back if the need arises.
Kari W., Helotes, TX
Dr. Macias and staff always deliver first class service. I cannot elaborate enough how their team makes you feel like family.