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Tips for Adult Dog Care

If you have an adult dog, you know the joy that dogs bring. Dogs provide us with companionship and love. In return we owe it to them to provide exceptional care. This is where Hill Country Animal Hospital comes in. We have some tips and advice that you might not expect, but we think you will find it extremely helpful!

Socialization Training for Adult Dogs

Dog running

Adult dogs may still need training and/or socialization. Socialization is one of the most important pieces of the puzzle to have a well-rounded dog. If you find yourself with a fearful or timid dog, please consider a professional trainer. We recommend Irma Bice, CPDT-KA at the Palms Pet Resort. Irma trains with positive reinforcement using treats for good behavior instead of punishment. Addressing behavioral issues is important since you will always need to maintain your dog’s health with regular veterinary care.

Desensitizing Your Dog to Nail Trimming

If your dog does not like to have his nails trimmed, watch this video by Dr. Sophia Yin to learn how you can desensitize your dog to nail trims. This method really works!

Addressing Your Dog’s Vet Anxiety

Dogs in Basket

If your dog doesn’t like coming to the vet, let us know when you book your dog’s appointment. There are many non-prescription approaches we can try to lessen your dog’s stress. If these methods don’t work, rest assured that we will not make his anxiety worse by forcing him to go through a medical exam or nail trim if he is too fearful. We practice low stress handling, and if needed, the best course of action is medication. Our knowledgeable doctors will work with you to find the best medication for your dog.

Treating Your Dog’s Noise Phobia

If your dog has thunderstorm or firework phobias, we can help! We carry medications specifically designed to help dogs with noise phobia. Don’t let your dog suffer needlessly.

Grain-Free Food and Your Dog

We hear many questions about grain-free food. Please talk to your veterinarian before starting your dog on this kind of food. Studies have linked grain-free dog food to heart disease, and we recommend doing your homework before serving it to your pup. If you want a resource you can explore on your own, we recommend this page by Tufts University.

Dental Care for Your Dog is Essential

Dog Smiling

It is also important to consider dental health from a younger age than you might think. When planning dental cleanings, many people wait until their dog has tartar buildup and the teeth look “dirty” to schedule a dental exam. This is not the best course of action. We recommend getting a cleaning when your dog’s teeth have minimal tartar so that we can preserve your dog’s dental health longer.

Most people fail to consider what is going on beneath the gum line. By the time your dog’s teeth look dirty, a disease process may have progressed too far for us to avoid performing extractions. For this reason, you should get that cleaning done before the teeth look dirty, which can save your dog’s teeth and might save you some money! Our recommendation: start early and stay on a regular cleaning schedule.

The Importance of Annual Veterinary Visits

Your dog should visit the veterinarian every year to have an exam, maintain vaccine schedules, get a heartworm test, and renew his prescriptions for heartworm prevention and flea/tick prevention. We make it easy for you to schedule. You can request an appointment using this form, through our hospital app, through your ePet Health portal, or by calling us at (210)695-4455. We also have a convenient online pharmacy so that you can order your pet’s medication or food from home on a Sunday evening while watching football in your pajamas!


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From Facebook:

I called afterwards because I thought I missed some instructions and the front desk was able to answer my question immediately but the Dr. also called me back to clear up any confusion. My cat is 19 years old and not once did they tell me to euthanize her because of her age. The nurse who was handling her was the best, she treated my cat with care and understanding.
Becky L., San Antonio, TX
This was my first visit with a dog that I had had for a week and a half. I wanted him thoroughly examined for health and a neuter. I had a number of questions since it's been a long time since I have had a younger dog and Dr. Rooker took all of the time necessary to answer all of my questions. I'm afraid I kept everyone there late and I really appreciate the excellent experience. You are my new veterinarian.
Dori O., Helotes, TX
This is probably the best office I have been to. I’m not just talking about for the animals…the customer service from the first phone call, to stopping in to pick up meds, to the moment I walked out and even the follow up call! Top notch. Appreciated that you are able to check out in the room. This is really helpful especially to keep interaction without pets to a minimum. I will be back. This was a wonderful 1st time experience. And thank you to the doctor for following up with a call.
Erika G., San Antonio, TX
Dr. Macias and staff always deliver first class service. I cannot elaborate enough how their team makes you feel like family.